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Woman, Love Thyself!

The focus for this project is to photograph ALL and every woman with a single portrait, emphasizing their individuality and discovering self-love. A second component of this project is a self-addressed love letter, written to themselves, emphasizing and focusing on their spirit, character, and their metaphysical strengths and beauty as women.

These are ordinary, every-day women with a wide range of backgrounds, professions, aspirations and beliefs. I wanted to unite these women by the one undeniable identity they share, being WOMAN. We are so eager to separate ourselves from others and identify in other groups, forgetting there’s a bond stronger than culture, race, religion, status, and that is being of the female sex. This holds an extraordinary power for each and every woman. In today's modern world, we tend to forget these primal strengths and bonds.

I am asking not only for these women to reconnect with themselves but with each other, stripped down, raw, bare, real woman-to-woman by sharing their stories of self-love. This project highlights women I admire, who I am captivated by, and who’s stories of self-love and appreciation I want the world to see and share. Their letters are personal, vulnerable, introspective, thoughtful and deeply intimate. These are their letters of love to “her.”

Through this project, I hope to encourage individual women from all back-grounds, all ages, and all cultures to find their inner-light, to accept themselves as they are, and to share their unique personalities with the world. Only by promoting and encouraging each other do we rise to greatness.